Around the World in 90 Minutes!


Hold on tight because the Karkowska Sisters are taking you on an incredible tour of the finest music from around the globe.

The magic of Gershwin. The brilliance of Chopin. The romanticism of Schubert. The fire of Liszt. The audacity of Paganini. And they just keep going!


Sunday, September 20, 2015 @ 3:00 PM *

* This free concert is presented as a service to the community by Children’s Survival Network. Donations are welcomed.



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Coconut Grove Grapevine: KarKowska Sister to perform in Grove

The KarKowska Sisters Duo concert is a special afternoon performance that will showcase both the piano and violin virtuosos.

The concert will be held from 3 to 5 pm, Sunday, September 20 at the Miami Conservatory of Music at the Mayfair Promendae. Although tickets for the event are free, donations are encouraged, with all the money […]

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Spend Time Enjoying Your Child

One of the most important elements of having a great relationship with your child is enjoying being with each other. After all, how can you be close if all your time together is taken up with discipline, chores and homework? Many parents tell me that there is no time for fun. My response to them […]

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Where is the Outrage?

When 20 children died at Sandy Hook Elementary School there was incredible outrage. There was a national outcry for gun control and for protecting our children. This reaction was justified and necessary. However, by all accounts Sandy Hook was a rare occurrence.

Child abuse is not a rare occurrence. It happens all day every day, over […]

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Homeless Teens and Social Media

Find out how homeless teens try to lead normal lives using social media.

Homeless Dating by Trevor Green.

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Don’t ask questions if you don’t want an answer!

One sure fire way to invite a debate or more likely a verbal battle is to ask your child a question when you want them to do something.

It usually goes something like this:

Your child is watching TV or is on the computer and it’s almost bedtime. You want him/her to take a bath before it […]

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Thank You!

Your gift allows us to fulfill our mission.

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Always discuss conflicts with your child. Sometimes!

It is extremely important that we listen to our children. It validates them. Meaning, listening to them lets them know that what they have to say is important. That they are important as a person.

However, listening to them doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with them and this usually causes a fair amount of conflict. When I […]

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This is a warning! – Don’t warn!

If your discipline is going to be effective it is very important that you deal with situations when they occur.

Sometimes parents believe that their children will somehow magically correct themselves. Not likely!

What makes discipline effective is its predictability. When a child can anticipate what will happen before it does it teaches them two things. The […]

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Discipline – Part 2

The most effective discipline plans are proactive not reactive.
What this means is that the worst time to come up with a discipline strategy is when you’re angry.

Why is this? Because we don’t do our best thinking when we are angry. Parents tend to give consequences that are not easily enforceable when they are angry. Even […]

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Jack Schaap Sentenced: Indiana Pastor Gets 12 Years For Sexual Relationship With Teen Parishioner

The former pastor of a northwest Indiana megachurch on Wednesday was sentenced to 12 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old parishioner.

Last summer, Schaap, 55, was fired from First Baptist Church of Hammond, the 40,000-member congregation of which he had led for 11 years. Upon his firing, Schaap admitted that he […]

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