The Children’s Survival Network has developed three main programs to meet its mission: the Parent Center, the residential treatment facility, and a community education program.

The Parent Center

The Parent Center is developed to proactively minimize the conditions that lead to child abuse. “The Center” program will be comprised of subprograms that act as tools to enable parents to stabilize their lives and consequently the lives of their children.  The sub programs are: Parenting Skills Groups, Individual Parent Counseling, After School Homework and Skills Program, The Crises Program.
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Residential Treatment Facility

The Residential Treatment Facility will provide for the needs of abused and neglected children. It  will be staffed by licensed mental health care professionals trained to recognize and provide for the physical and emotional needs of this very special population.  This clinical program has a three tiered design. The children and adolescents that we serve will be able to enter or leave the system at any level depending on their situation and needs.
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Community Education Program

We see it as an integral aspect of our mission to create increased public awareness of the pervasive problem of child abuse and neglect. To that end, we have developed a Community Education program that includes publications, lectures and seminars.
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