We are in the planning stages of our flagship Residential Treatment Center in South Florida.

Staffed with specially trained licensed mental health professionals, we will provide the long-term treatment necessary for the most damaged children in our community.  The program will have three tiers and children enter and leave the program according to their individual needs.

Tier 1 provides a highly secure and structured environment. This level of care provides for the needs of the most vulnerable, damaged and self-destructive children. The goal at this level is to provide and have acceptance of security and trust in the staff and the system.

When children are ready, they enter Tier 2, a less restrictive environment designed to promote maximum healing and positive self-esteem and motivation. This is evidenced through motivation to succeed at school as well as socially. In addition, investment in self through extracurricular activities (i.e. music, art, sports, service clubs etc.) is essential.

The third tier emphasizes a high level of functioning and preparation for successful integration with society. The expectations at this level are positive self-esteem, which will facilitate social success, academic success, and involvement in extracurricular activities, self-care and caring for others, including community service. At this level the program encourages the child’s or adolescent’s self-motivation, and transitions into an advisory and support capacity.

Whenever possible, we will work with parents and the courts to facilitate each child being able to safely return to their homes or other healthy environment as expeditiously as possible. If the child cannot return home after the program, he or she will be placed in a foster home specially trained and supervised by the Children’s Survival Network, or the child will be released for adoption. In every case, we continue to support the child and family indefinitely.

Please contact us to find out more about our Residential Treatment Program.  We are actively seeking partners worldwide to open Residential Facilities wherever they are needed.