Parent Centers bring together the services and resources needed to proactively minimize the conditions that lead to child abuse.  We do it by providing parents with the tools and  support they need to stabilize their lives and the lives of their children, one community at a time.

Parenting Skills. Parenting Skills Groups provide parents with the tools and the skills necessary to help their children become responsible and motivated individuals and citizens. Parents learn to identify triggers that may escalate into abusive situations and what to do when that happens.

Individual Support. A licensed therapist is onsite for children and families who need individual support.

Crisis Support Center. In spite of the best efforts to restructure and establish a healthy family environment, situations come up where additional support is required. For those situations, CSN’s Support Center provides a safe proactive alternative to a potentially abusive situation by providing consultation and a place for children to be cared for until the situation is resolved.

Family Meals. We are grateful to Whole Foods Market for partnering with us to provide meals for our families at each Parent Center.

After School Homework and Skills Program. The After School Homework and Skills Program is designed to provide tutoring and after school activities (art, music, computer skills etc.) for the many children that are faced with being alone for lengthy periods of time between the end of the school day and the time that their parents get home from work.